The compilation 'notitia dignitatum' (Cnd)
the compilation of lists and 89 pictures that began with the list item
notitia dignitatum omnium tam civilium quam militarium in partibus orientis
and ended with the list item
ceteri praesides ad similitudinem praesidis dalmatiae officium habent

and occupied 164 pages in the codex Σ
that existed in Speyer at least between 1426/7 - 1550/51

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Draft Commentary
1 - Introduction - observations & definitions 2 - Speyer codex with the Cnd (excerpt) 3 - Copies of the Cnd (excerpt) 4 - Sources of the Cnd and their transformation
5 - Original compilation 6 - Cnd as an historical document
Draft Appendices and Tables
1 - Speyer archives 2 - Augsburg fragment 3 - Cambridge fragments 4 - Numbering
5 - Decorated Stands 6 - Rectangular emblems 7 - Shields 8 - Illyricum
9 - Gallic dioceses 10 - Masters of soldiers 11 - Dignities 12 - Emperors-chart
13 - Map - Roman state
Draft Edition
Preface Edition Transcripts-sample Words
Place names Military units Western C. units Secretariats
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